Pratt Smoke House
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Pratt Smoke House
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Black Lace Curtains

Funeral ParlourThat first Sunday morning in the city of Pratt Kansas, we were surrounded by black lace curtains and polished brass fittings. We labored to move the heavy pine caskets and make room for everyone. As the weeks passed, we continued to grow. Encouraged by our full meetings, the Bishop urged us to buy an old timbered schoolhouse. With a splash of paint it was transformed into our own beautiful church.

Smoke House Saga

Smoke HouseThe Smoke House in Pratt was the main social and recreational center drawing most of its customers from a large air force base. Joe Foster, the manager of the Smoke House, surprised us all one day by asking if he could be baptized.

Joe Baptized

The Bishop had visited the Smoke House and it puzzled him too. "You must have a word in his ear," he said to me. "If he is going to make a commitment, tell him that he must get rid of those sex comics scattered around his place!" Joe was new and I didn't want to lose him, so I was very hesitant. "Joe," I stumbled, "the Bishop has told me . . . " Joe stared straight into my eyes while I garbled out the Bishop's request. His face lit up in a reassuring smile. "Oh, that's no problem," he laughed, "I'll tell my supplier not to bring that kind any more!" Having kept his promise, Joe was later baptized by the Bishop in Pratt Church.

"Pratt Smoke House"
by Ron Meacock © 2018

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