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Father Bob's Newspaper
Day 44

Great Bend Kansas

Two Rolls of Toilet TissueOne morning, I overheard Mrs Reid ordering groceries on the phone. In her thin trill voice she whispered, "Three large onions, five medium carrots." Then, in a very, very delicate and secretive tone, as if not to shock the clergy, she added, "and two rolls of plain toilet tissue!" Like Mrs. Reid, we all had our daily routine. Mine was to write out Father Bob's newspaper, a prayer request list and pin it to the main door. Bob Mize, our jovial director, insisted on following this unusual ritual. Each of us prayed for our own people and those on the other parts of Father Bob's Newspaper. It would read, "Pray for Mrs thinking of divorce, Billy who ran away from home, Joe tempted to give up his business." As time passed, our work grew under the hand of God.✞

Little in Great Bend

Great Bend KansasThe Bishop of Salina dispatched me to a new piece of evangelism at the tiny Mission Church of St. John's in Great Bend. In many people's estimate, being stuck away in a dark alley off the Main Street, made it weak and insignificant. The only accommodation the little congregation could afford was in the church vestry. This tiny room had barely enough room between the robe cupboards and the desk for a folding camp bed. Having no toilet facilities, I had to hunt around for an open gasoline station early each morning to use its washroom!

"Father Bob's Newspaper"
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