Snow Covered Bed
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Snow Covered Bed
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Hayes Kansas

Glory in HayesIt was a snowy Winter in 1937, when I arrived in Hayes, Kansas. My host showed me on to an outside porch. "Here you are, Captain Lewis" she said politely, pointing to a snow covered bed with a tarpaulin cover. "I'm sure this will be suitable. All you army officers are so very fit and healthy!" The next morning, I awoke suddenly in my snow covered bed. Discipline proved to be spartan. Every day started with Morning Prayer and Holy Communion at 6.30 am We crunched through the snow to the church, the wind billowing the black cloaks and berettas of my colleagues.

Housekeeper Mrs Reid

Hayes KansasAfter breakfast, we observed quietness until lunch. The sole voice was that of our meticulous housekeeper, Mrs Reid. She spoke very softly like someone who had come out of a fairy tale. In early life, she had something of a Cinderella experience after the death of her husband. Many gave up in the Kansas drought that year, but she persisted with their farm. Unexpectedly, a black harvest of oil rewarded her and she had more money than she knew what to do with. But like Cinderella at the midnight toll, her riches melted away when a Colorado Hotel investment went bankrupt.

"Snow Covered Bed"
by Ron Meacock © 2018

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