Foot Washing Ceremony
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Foot Washing Ceremony
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Cadet Eric Kast

Foot WashingOne evening, at St. Barnabas Church in our fourth floor apartment, Eric Kast, one of our cadets, surprised me. "Captain Lewis," he said, "I want to perform a foot washing ceremony on you!" "Don't be silly, Eric!" I retorted with a laugh. Eric patiently kneeled in front of me. "I want to wash your feet," he repeated, "because I have resented certain orders you have given me." He then added, "the Lord has told me to humble myself that we may have true Christian fellowship together." I did not know what to say. He then eased off my shoes and socks, and started to lather my feet with soap. The soapy water splashed over my toes into the basin and I chuckled. He was healing old wounds that had separated us.

Jesus Appears

Jesus IconSomeone else was in the quietness of that room that night. My words froze on my lips. "It was Jesus!" Time stood still, suspended in eternity. Later, Eric told me that he too was conscious of the presence of Jesus while washing and wiping my feet. We then realized that this was the Feast of the Transfiguration in the church calendar. It was the day when Jesus was gloriously transfigured before us in a dusty fourth floor room. His attendance transformed it into holy ground. We praise God to know that no walls can keep him out, when he comes to bless.✞

"Foot Washing Ceremony"
by Ron Meacock © 2018

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