Bishop Hobson Bugs
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Bishop Hobson Bugs
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Unwelcome Bedfellows

Bed BugsMiss Eleanor Gifford refused a salary from the Bishop because of a vow she had made many years before to God. "I used to belong to a Quaker group," she once told me. "One day I made a covenant with God. I promised that at sometime in the future, I would devote myself to the poor. After many years as a teacher, and upon my mother's death, my opportunity finally came. That is why I'm here in the slums working with these young people." Tragically, an unknown person murdered Eleanor one night. In trying to prevent one of her young women from being drawn into prostitution, she was savagely stabbed and never recovered. Her total and absorbing commitment to bringing the worst in society to the best God could give them caused her death.✞

Unwelcome Bedfellows!

Our needs and difficulties in the slums were of keen interest to Bishop Hobson whenever I visited his office. One day, during such an interview, I told him about a particularly annoying problem we were experiencing in our old building. "It's the bed bugs, Bishop!" I blurted out guiltily. "They stop us sleeping. Even after we've washed the mattresses with disinfectant, they still come back the same night! We've resorted to lying on the table tops, but they find us there too!" His mouth dropped open incredulously and a cheeky grin slowly began to spread across his face. "Did they bite you?" he quipped! The very next day, someone came around to rid us of our unwelcome bedfellows!✞

"Bishop Hobson Bugs"
by Ron Meacock © 2018

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