Bible Ghost Stories
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Bible Ghost Stories
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Pied Piper

Pied Piper followed by ChildrenLike the Pied Piper of Hamelin in the nursery rhyme, I led a motley group of children on the promise of some Bible ghost stories into the eerie darkness of our silent church. Once inside, with the heavy wooden doors firmly closed behind us, we crossed to the vestry. Shafts of sunlight glimmered above our heads from a high window. The belfry door swung back with a hesitant creak. In the gloom, we labored up the stone spiral staircase. Our footsteps resonated ominously around us. Half way up, a slit window sprayed welcome light on to our steps and encouraged us to press on to the top. Then, suddenly shattering the peace, a clatter of rusty iron chains crashed down the stone steps from above. This was just too much for my young friends. With a screech they scampered past me to the security of the belfry door!

Bible Ghost Stories

Having seen the children enjoy this exciting new game, we then suggested another. "How about all going downstairs in the Church to listen to some Bible stories together?" An amber street lamp cast an evening glow through a half light window across the basement. We shared our favorite Bible stories, accounts of intrigue and mystery. Time slipped by. Then, in the lull in the conversation, a young black boy asked, "I know a Bible story about Moses, how about that?" "Let's go upstairs," I suggested "where we have a very beautiful place that is ideal for telling Bible stories." We gathered in our lovely chapel, where one cadet had run ahead and lit the two candles on the communion table. Either side of the sanctuary, two small blue gaslight flames flickered in the draft. We listened intently as one child, then another, read his favorite Bible story. In one electrifying moment, the children from the street knelt and prayed together. "Our Father, who art in Heaven."

"Bible Ghost Stories"
by Ron Meacock © 2018

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