Holy Ghost Action
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Holy Ghost Action
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Ornate Processional Cross

Ornate Processional CrossExasperated, one cadet finally laid down the cross at my feet. "This is stupid," he spat. "We're impressing nobody but ourselves!" In that moment, we all sensed that we had reached a crisis point in our ministry. Every effort of ours had failed. In this experience, though we least expected it, God was preparing us for a breakthrough. One day, the cadets and I were sitting outside in the street chatting and idly passing way the time with a group of poor children. One of them innocently asked, "Is the church haunted, Mister? Is it?" "It could be!" I casually laughed back, then after a moment's thought added, "How about getting some kids together tomorrow night, and we'll go and see?"

Ghost up the Tower

Haunted ChurchThat next night, we were again talking with the children outside. Suddenly a series of ghostly shrieks echoed from high above our heads. Startled, we leapt to our feet. Our mouths dropped open as we gazed upwards. There, beckoning to us through the louvered slats of a narrow window was a pair of bare white arms! "Look," one little black boy yelled, "there's the ghost!" "I'm going up the haunted tower!" I suggested. "Who is brave enough to come too for some Holy Ghost action?"

"Holy Ghost Action"
by Ron Meacock © 2018

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