Pittsburgh Church Challenge
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Pittsburgh Church Challenge
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Saint Barnabas Icon

Saint Barnabas IconThe City's Welfare Department had wanted to use our deserted building to store food and clothing but the Bishop had protested. "There are all these people crowding into this area. If we are the church at all, we must find some way to bring them in!" His words, had been my Pittsburgh church challenge. To mark this new era in the life of the Pittsburgh church challenge, our Bishop gave us the new name of St. Barnabas, after the son of encouragement.

A Large Glimmering Cross

Large Pipe OrganThe building, like the Saint, had a special message of hope, optimism and the Pittsburgh church challenge all of its own. From a tall spire, a large golden cross glimmered across the city in the evening sunshine. Our own efforts to inspire our neighbors were arduous and sometimes funny. First, we went out to invite them to our church services, but few came. Next, we experimented with the unconventional. Opening the lid of our powerful pipe organ, one of my cadets started to play.

"Pittsburgh Church Challenge"
by Ron Meacock © 2018

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