Trinity Episcopal Cathedral Pittsburgh
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Trinity Episcopal Cathedral
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Pittsburg SkylineLeft, right, left, right, our boots rattled the paving flags as we marched along on the Pittsburgh send off. The Stars and Stripes fluttered bravely, our arms swung as one. Held proudly aloft, a bright red banner proclaimed, "GOD IS LOVE." Our splendid Pittsburgh send off column wended away from Trinity Episcopal Cathedral Pittsburgh. A great crowd, led by the Bishop, had waved us off on our "Pittsburg Send-Off" journey. We hoped to cross Ohio, walking twenty miles every day, taking an evening meeting and staying overnight in a Parish Hall. "We must have marched at least eight miles by now!" I told myself. "We must be almost half way there!"

Fools for Christ

Trinity Episcopal Cathedral PittsburgThen, turning a corner, like a bombshell it hit us that we were only three blocks from the Cathedral gates! Red faced, and in a shambles we shuffled around and set off again, hopefully in the right direction this time. Puzzled motorists on the main highway gave us disbelieving stares as they drove by. Bothered by this, one cadet waved his peaked cap and shouted, "Yes, folks, we are crazy!" An English Captain bellowed in explanation, "Fools for Christ, Brother!" Onward we tramped on the Pittsburgh send off, week by week through the towns and cities of Ohio.

"Trinity Episcopal Cathedral Pittsburgh"
by Ron Meacock © 2018

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