Longview Snake Charmer
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Longview Snake Charmer
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Rector's Friend

Snake CharmerThe Rector of Longview Church in Virginia also had quite a reputation as a colorful character in the community. While still at seminary, he had worked in a traveling circus performing tricks on horseback and in the process befriended the snake charmer. He often welcomed back former artist friends to his home, including an enormous fat woman, a fire eater and a particularly attractive Longview snake charmer. One day, this Longview snake charmer friend called into the Rector's house and he decided to take her to the Woman's Guild meeting that evening.

Delicate Ladies

SnakeAfter introducing her briefly, this vivacious blond slipped off her robe and produced two writhing snakes which slithered and wound themselves around her glistening body. This was too much for the delicate ladies! "She may be the Rector's friend and a very good person," they muttered, "but bringing those snakes into our Guild Meeting, well!" Despite this, the Rector still stuck by his circus friends.

"Longview Snake Charmer"
by Ron Meacock © 2018

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