Virginia Fiddle Dance
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Virginia Fiddle Dance
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Foot Tapping

Square DanceThe lilting drift of a Virginia fiddle dance floated on the warm evening air from the old timber schoolhouse in Schuyler, Virginia with a population in the 2010 Census of 298. I was new in town and curious about this foot tapping "ladies go round, gents don't go" country style Virginia fiddle dance music. Long flowing skirts billowed out as the men swung their partners. Cowboy boots rattled the timber floor boards to the pulsating beat. I paused in the doorway. "Should I go in?" "Wasn't this just the sort of place an evangelist should be?" The dancers suddenly called out to me from the floor, "Y'all join in!" Receding shyly from the doorway, I sought out a corner seat where I could sit and listen.

The New Episcopal Preacher

Fiddle and Guitar The women skipped and the men stomped to the fiddle and the guitar. Soon my feet were tapping out the rhythm, too! My heart raced as I waited for the music to start up again. Soon I was on my feet, swept along by the surge of new dancers. I eagerly launched into the swing of things. Changing partners I cheekily introduced myself, "Hi, I'm the new preacher at the Episcopal Church in town!" Some raised their eyebrows as I whirled them round.

"Virginia Fiddle Dance"
by Ron Meacock © 2018

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