Money Consecration
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Money Consecration
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Roaring With Glee

moneyIn 1970, even as I was telling others of God, he was speaking to me of something that I had to do. He kept saying, "Give up your life's savings. Trust me all the way in money consecration!" I was in a dilemma! God's voice was clear, but I still resisted. I argued in my mind, "Surely it is wise stewardship to keep my money back for my retirement?" Troubled in spirit, I thought of my bulky package of three thousand dollars in twenty-five and fifty dollar government bonds in my bag and what I should do with them.

Life's Savings Trust

Then, one night, at Al Smith's home, it all came to a head. As we talked, I suddenly knew what I must do. Reaching into my briefcase I took out the cherished, fat envelope. Turning it over in my hands, I threw it into the air! Al sat back in astonishment! Then, with a grin, he seized the broken bundle from the carpet and tossed it up too! "It didn't cost you anything to throw away my money," I laughed. Roaring with glee, we flung my former treasure around the room! I had found new freedom at last!

"Money Consecration"
by Ron Meacock © 2019

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