New York Spanish Church
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New York Spanish Church
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Onward Christian Soldiers

Open Air MeetingSwaying to the strains of "Onward Christian soldiers," our little group from the New York Spanish Church marched along the street. An impressive crowd of tattered children joined in "Pied Piper style" behind. It became so crowded that it was difficult to find space on the sidewalk for our extra large pulpit. When we did eventually manage to set it down, some pedestrians tried to crowd us off the corner but a black woman sprang to our defense, "You'd better respect these preachers of the Gospel, or else!" she said.

Message in Spanish

Captain Phyan translated our words into Spanish from the platform for the benefit of the crowd. The large jovial figure of the Rector, Father Gustwiller, arose. "You probably know me already," he said, "I am a crusader for better housing and lower rents in this area. I want to tell you today that I am even more concerned for your souls! I want to be more than anything else your friend and to welcome you to our New York Spanish Church."

"New York Spanish Church"
by Ron Meacock © 2018

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