Evangelist Billy Graham
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Evangelist Billy Graham
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Competition Captain Lewis

Billy GrahamOn that very evening, the young evangelist Billy Graham (1918 - ), was conducting an evangelistic campaign in our city. Ed and I decided to hold our meeting after Billy had finished. Ed had carefully worked out a plan! At the end of Billy's meeting, we hurried downtown to a busy corner near 42nd Street and Broadway. We knew that most people would pass by there and at the appointed time tied the Stars and Stripes to a lamp standard and started shouting, "We are Episcopalians, who have just heard Billy Graham really preach the Gospel!"

Street Evangelism

BroadwayAnother Captain who had joined us roared back in reply, "I don't get it. Why are you shouting about Billy Graham and how well he preached?" Crowds were stopping in the street. Like a hard-fought rally in a tennis match, I countered. "It takes Billy so long to tell people about Jesus Christ as their Savior that he has no time to tell them the other wonderful news!" A large group was now hanging on our every word! "What other news is there to know?" the Captain asked. "You need to know about the Lord's Supper and about belonging to the family of the Church."

"Evangelist Billy Graham"
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