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Church Army Training
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Spoonful Lewis

Green PeasThere was one special secret I had kept hidden even from the other cadets until the very eve of our Commissioning. I was busy dressing upstairs and some of my friends were downstairs in the kitchen showing our group photographs to the cook and her son. Looking casually at the faces, the cook's son suddenly grinned and burst out, "Hey, that's One Spoonful Pea Lewis!" The others, mimicking his words, trooped upstairs and jeered, "One Spoonful Pea Lewis!" My secret was out! I had worked with the cook's son at the West Cheshire Mental Institution in New York. While there, I was meticulously careful to count out the same number of peas on to each plate, much to the staff's amusement!

Commissioning Evangelist

One Spoonful was a happy memory on that day, April 5, 1931. The Church Army was commissioning me to a new and wonderful task as an Evangelist. As we marched down the aisle in Providence Cathedral, the choir sang heartily, "Rescue the perishing, Care for the dying, Snatch them in pity from sin and the grave, Tell them of Jesus the Mighty to save!" God was to give me many such wonderful opportunities to speak for Him and to rescue the perishing.

"Church Army Training"
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