Providence Training College
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Providence Training College
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Bishop McVicar

ProvidenceLater, I arrived at Bishop McVicar Providence Training College where the emphasis was how to spread the Gospel in places other Christians would not normally go. Our training was modeled along English lines. Life was made so difficult at the College that any future work would seem easy by comparison! Each morning, at first bell, we emerged from our little rooms, lined up and plunged one by one into the same bath of icy cold water! Awake and alert, we were then ready for our daily prayers and orders. In the quiet solemnity of our plain chapel, with the simple polished brass cross glinting in the early morning sunshine, we learned to meet our Maker at the beginning of each day.

Baptism of the Holy Spirit

Some of the students at the college were blessed by God with the "Baptism of the Holy Spirit." The Training College staff, however, didn't share their enthusiasm. "It doesn't make sense to me!" complained one irate teacher. They make the Christian life attractive with their love of praise and desire to tell others about Jesus. Forbidden from saying, "PRAISE THE LORD," the cadets called out "P. T. L." along the corridors! They told me one day of their blessings and watched carefully for my reaction. My spontaneous reply "PRAISE GOD!" told them I fully understood. Broad smiles split open gleaming faces.

"Providence Training College"
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