Broadway Sweater Girl
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Broadway Sweater Girl
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Lana Turner

Wall StreetThe little procession of Church Army, clergy and lay people arrived on Wall Street in New York City. Being early enough to hear Daddy Hall, the self-styled Bishop of Wall Street, dealing with hecklers was worth a joke at our expense. Daddy Hall was a well known street preacher who addressed the lunch hour crowds every day. One day, someone in the crowd tried to distract him by shouting, "What do you think of the Pope?" With a hearty laugh, Daddy replied, "I've never met the gentleman!" When he had finished speaking of the Savior whom he had met Church Army's turn came.

Sweater Girl

Lana Turner Sweater GirlOur youth and the fact that we represented a well-known church in New York, kept the attention of our listeners. On another occasion, thousands more people unexpectedly poured out unto Broadway. Van loads of police also arrived and television cameras too. Though we had no idea who these people had come to see, we were not about to miss our chance to preach to a bigger crowd. That evening, we saw ourselves on television with the commentary, "Over here is a little group preaching about sin" The star attraction was sadly not our Savior, but the famous and glamorous Lana Turner known as the "Broadway Sweater Girl!"✞

"Broadway Sweater Girl"
by Ron Meacock © 2019

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