House Visitation Campaigns
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House Visitation Campaigns
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Daddy Hall Preaching

Cathedral CityMy sales skills came in useful later that summer during our house visitation campaigns in New York City. A group of cadets and I went to Brooklyn and New York to conduct house to house visitation. Some doors opened a few inches, or a pair of eyes appeared through a letter box. When we asked, "Have you a church home, sir?," some Jewish immigrants, remembering the holocaust in Nazi Germany replied with fearful tones, "Ve ave no church ome!"

Catholics Next Door

American FlagOne Roman Catholic householder thought that the Priest had sent for a donation and handed me a dime! Someone whispered through another letter box, "We are Protestants!" Then with great secrecy, as if to warn me of some impending threat, added, "There are CATHOLICS next door!"

Broadway March

BroadwayLater, on Wall Street, we addressed ourselves to Catholic and Protestant alike. I had often listened to midday open air services there but now I was to take part myself. Resplendent in our dark gray uniforms, we proudly marched out onto Broadway from behind Trinity Church's great iron gates. One cadet carried the church's ornate processional cross, another the Stars and Stripes, while I held aloft the crimson crusaders' shield. We really did feel like soldiers on the march, until the size of the milling crowds suddenly hit us.

Daddy Hall Preaching

WashingtonThousands of office workers were relaxing, having time out during their lunch break to hear the speakers. At the old Sub-Treasury Building, a statue of George Washington (1732 - 1799) the former first American President stared down icily from his marble pedestal. Beneath his critical eye, Daddy Hall, a famous open air preacher, was still speaking. Seeing our uniforms and banners, he turned and shouted, "Here comes Cox's Army!" Cox's Army was a protest march of 25,000 unemployed Pensylvanians led by Father James Renshaw Cox an American Roman Catholic priest which marched on Washington in 1932. He founded "The Jobless Party" and even ran for President of the United States.

"House Visitation Campaigns"
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