Outdoor Christian Fishing
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Outdoor Christian Fishing
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Jewish Store Owners

FishingThe Captain gave us our orders for the evening worship at the Cathedral. The Dean, obviously wary of Church Army's unusual methods, reluctantly agreed to the singing of choruses during the service. "But NOT that particularly outrageous one to the tune from the musical, 'The Pink Lady!'" In later years, "Let the beauty of Jesus be seen in me," with its lovely lilting melody, became one of my special favorites. Once the choruses had been chosen, the Dean suggested that we all go outside to do some outdoor Christian fishing in front of the Cathedral. When I was a boy in New Jersey, the Jewish store owners would grab people by the arm and lead them into their clothing shops. "How about a crisp new shirt, Sir? We have a very reasonable line, just in from Paris. Come along in and see." The other cadets and I were soon engrossed in our fishing. Nabbing passers by, we pushed invitations into their hands to welcome them to our service in the Cathedral.

"Outdoor Christian Fishing"
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