Hartford Outdoor Work
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Hartford Outdoor Work Hartford

Christ Cathedral

Photograph of Hartford CathedralThat Sunday evening, we began preparing for our Hartford outdoor work with a procession and open air meeting down the street from the Cathedral. The Captain in charge gave the processional cross to one cadet to carry, another the Church flag, a third the Stars and Stripes. To my embarrassment, he handed me a bright red Crusader Shield on a broom handle reading, "GOD IS LOVE." My face must have been redder than the shield itself as we marched down the streets that night. The fact that the other side explained, "SPONSORED BY CHRIST CATHEDRAL" didn't ease my embarrassment.

Brother Lewis' Witness

The Face of the Laughing JesusWe gathered on a corner for our open air service and began to sing. The hymns and songs were all different from the ones I knew! Suddenly the leader announced, "Brother Lewis will give his witness," and summoned me forward. A raucous shout echoed above the screeching wheels of a passing street car. "Why don't you shut up, and go to work?" "Go to work?" I thought. "This is my work!" The spirit of the men with whom I labored had brushed off on me. I didn't want to be quiet about the joy I had experienced. God had called me to tell others about His Son, Jesus!✞

"Hartford Outdoor Work"
by Ron Meacock © 2019

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