Morristown Church Angel
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Morristown Church Angel
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Redeemer Church New Jersey

Redeemer Church MorristownIt all began for Captain Ray at Morristown Church in New Jersey. "My mother, from the Church of Ireland, insisted that my six brothers and sisters and I went to the Redeemer Church every Sunday. We had only one set of clothes each, and no best ones for Church! So, in our little dim kitchen, my mother washed and ironed all our outfits the night before. She was going to make sure that we would be neat and tidy for the following morning's service."

Methodist Name Wesley

Retail StoreCaptain Ray was named Wesley, "after my father, who had strong Methodist Chapel links. He seldom went to church himself but instilled in us a great love of music. Gathering around our little reed organ after supper, he played his slide-trombone and we sang. My voice got me into the church choir, where the other boys nicknamed me, "The Saint," because my birthday fell on St. Patrick's Day on the 17th March. But I was no angel! I once worked at a store owned by a Jewish family called the Greenburgers. I had returned to work overtime in the shop at dusk with another young fellow. We discovered to our dismay that someone had locked the door. "Open the door, you ******* ***** Jew!" I shouted and rattled the handle impatiently. "Come on, get a ******** move on!"

My Shame

The words still lingered on Captain Ray's lips when the door swung open. "A red-faced Mr. Greenburger had heard every word through an upper window, and his piercing glance told me so. "Ray," he quietly said, beckoning me toward him with a long wizened finger, "Von day you vil be ashamed of vot you said here." Later, I felt the weight of his words. I was no angel!"

"Morristown Church Angel"
by Ron Meacock © 2019

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