Antique Photo Introduction
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Antique Photo Introduction
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First Nations Life

World from Space"Glory" is the fascinating story of American evangelist Captain Ray Lewis and his evangelism ministry worldwide. "The Mystical Body" is my own attempt over 159 pages to expand upon the Christian Biblical concept of the Body of Christ. "The Household of Faith" program was commissioned jointly by the Church Army in Canada and The Anglican Diocese of Toronto to provide a program of relational evangelism for the Church.

Antique Lantern Slides

Antique Lantern SlideThe HiVu Antique Photo Introduction portion contains over one hundred unique photographs of First Nations Life from the 1870's to 1900's. These pages are part of a three thousand, two hundred magic lantern slide collection produced by Canon Percival Spencer from the 1870's to the Boer War to 1910 showing images from his trips around the world. I hope that you will both enjoy and be encouraged by them.

"Antique Photo Introduction"
by Ron Meacock © 2019

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