Evangelism Resource Introduction
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Evangelism Resource Introduction
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Early Church History

Dear AnnieTellout evangelism resources have been compiled over a thirty plus year ministry in England and Canada. They contain many inspirational quotes, sermon illustrations, Bible studies, notes on early church history and devotional stories. These resources seek to answer such questions as "what if God was one of us" and "what is love" and to tackle some of the important and pressing issues in the modern Church and in Society.

Bible Studies

Open BookThere are a number of evangelism resources or ebooks on this website. In 1982, "The Evangelism Handbook" was published in paperback in Canada and is reproduced in full here. It contains many practical insights, evangelism talks and other resources for the ordinary Christian person and for the specialist evangelist. "Journey into Life" is an ebook used here with the gracious permission of the British publisher and author.

"Evangelism Resource Introduction"
by Ron Meacock © 2019

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