Journey into Life
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Evangelism Photos Gallery

Biography 123 Pages
Revelation Now
Bible Study 401 Pages
Bible Study 91 Pages
The Household of Faith
Growth Program 211 Pages
HiVu Photos Galleries
Antique Images 110 Pages
The Evangelism Handbook
Ministry Workbook 219 Pages
The Demographic Shift
Demographics Study 27 Pages
Journey into Life
What is a Christian? 12 Pages

Journey Into Life

Sucker FishHere are more interesting resources for the Christian and the Church. "Glory" is the fascinating autobiography of the American Church Army evangelist Captain Ray Lewis. "Revelation Now" is a verse by verse expository Bible study of the Biblical Book of Revelation. "Brothers" is a series of Biblical studies on the relationship between Jesus, the Holy Spirit, and the Heavenly Father. "The Household Faith" is a church growth program designed to build up a network of satellite house groups for a parish or congregation.

Evangelism Photos Gallery

The "HiVu Photos Gallery" shows more than a hundred unique First Nations Lantern Slide images dating from 1870 to 1910. The "Evangelism Handbook" is a practical workbook for those involved in Christian ministry first published in 1982 and updated regularly since on the internet. "The Demographic Shift" shows how and why the institutional church in North America is shrinking due to the beliefs and characteristics of both the Baby Boomers and the Elders in the population as well as the corrupting internal beliefs and secular forces in society. "Journey into Life" explains simply how a person can become a Christian and live the Christian life. Our special feature grapples with the intriguing question as to when Jesus actually began his ministry in Jesus' Christological Moment.
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"Journey into Life"
by Ron Meacock © 2019

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