Household Faith Meetings
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Household Faith Meetings
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Home Church

Christian HousesAn existing Bible study or prayer group may be turned into a household of faith meeting. They will continue in their present teaching and devotional function but with added dimensions from the household of faith. We could add also groups established for mums and tots, teenagers, adult singles groups or to study a Christian book. Each would covenant to multiply at the end of a two year term. If you create a gathering, you have a home meeting. If you create an environment, you have a household of faith. If you add to a home meeting the ability to function without a church building, you produce a household of faith. A household of faith is not dependent on the church, but within it.✞

Adult Singles Group

VillageA household of faith may be useful when people in a local community can no longer afford to pay for a church building, and therefore would continue the Faith with the added feature of expanding every second year. A household of faith could possibly meet outside a home in a church hall, or a private room in a restaurant, but there is something very special when a host invites a group to his or her family home. Maybe it inspires the aspect of a caring family which is so important in the household of faith. Only a maximum of twelve members is allowed in each household of faith which should preferably meet in a member's home.✞

"Household Faith Meetings"
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