Household Clergy Role
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Household Clergy Role
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Attend Households

Bishop Tom and ClergyThe Clergy in whose parish or area the Household is situated would be requested to give his or her support to the formation of Households there. One cleric might have oversight of up to ten Households of Faith when there is no institutional church in an area. They will generally not attend Households once they are formed except to celebrate a communion service perhaps one week in four. If problems arise, the clergy in consultation with the Bishop may name a new Leader, Host or location or set up another mechanism for resolution of a dispute or when absolutely necessary close the Household altogether.✞

Equipping Role

Clergyman CollarThe clergy's role is to equip the Leaders, train up new Leaders and retain personal oversight of the Households. Each Household will register with its Parish and Diocesan Affiliation. The clergy and his or her family could be part of a Household of Faith themselves but not take leadership there. Leaders would be selected and supported by the clergy who will meet with them on a regular monthly basis to talk about the Household activities.✞

"Household Clergy Role"
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