House Church Christ
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House Church Christ
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Clear Christian Ethics

Corner church"What are the roles of the church leaders, the bishop, clergy, the house leader, the host and the members in the house church christ?" The House is connected to and is part of the larger Christian church. Like the corner church, it is a place for continuous faith development, with God at the center of all that it does. It is guided by clear Christian ethics and teaching and set under the authority of the bishop guided by the hand of the Holy Spirit. It is joyful, prayerful and forgiving. The house church of Christ is basically a "domestic Church" which is Christ centered and therefore peace filled, caring, generous and spiritual. Though connected to the wider Christian church it is still a separate entity. The house is intended not as a drain upon the local church but a support and stimulus to it. It is meant to be a mechanism for not only building up its own members but also drawing in others. This model will work differently in urban and rural settings. The bishop of the diocese in which the house is situated would know and approve of the formation of houses there.

"House Church Christ"
by Ron Meacock © 2019

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