House Faith Names
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House Faith Names
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Olive Wood Cross

Olive Wood CrossEach House can be named after a Biblical or Early Church title or name used for Jesus, rather than by saints names which have come to identify local churches. For example, a House name might be "The Lamb House" at St Mark's Bebington. The choice of house faith names would be one of the first tasks of the newly formed House and would require the consensus of the group and the approval of the clergy. Names or titles for the Father or the Holy Spirit may also be used.

Early Church Titles

The Lamb of God x The Savior x The Resurrection x The Truth The Root of Jesse x The Wisdom of God x Emmanuel x The Christ The Way of Life x The Creator x The Gracious Spirit The Healer x The Holy One x The Heavenly Father x The Fish The Anchor x The Shepherd x The Morning Star x The Governor The Redeemer x The Dayspring x The Light of the World

"House Faith Names"
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