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House Faith Leader
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Multiply Their Ministry

What will House Faith look like? The House Faith project begins when the pastor appoints a House Faith Leader and a Host and four committed Christians to be the core for each House group. Four or more others, possibly fringe members of the congregation, are asked to join the group to a minimum of eight and maximum of twelve. The House would produce as one of its first priorities a Covenant Agreement See Step Three and agree to seek to multiply their ministry after two years by dividing into two sets of four in two Houses. The new Houses would grow out of the original and the clergy would select new House Faith Leaders and Hosts for each. The four new members of each new House will come from fringe parishioners, friends, neighbors or even relatives of existing members. The two reconstituted House Faith groups would then covenant to divide into four Houses after two more years and so on. See diagram on the previous page.

"House Faith Leader"
by Ron Meacock © 2019

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