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House Faith Type
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Diagram Showing Growth

Diagram Showing Growth PotentialAs a model, the House of Faith can transcend the church's differing styles, traditions and types of churchmanship. Diversity is accommodated in three ways. The house types of teaching materials allows for differences in theology and approach and therefore meets the needs of different Christians whether Conservative, Main Line or Liberal, Evangelical, Charismatic or Catholic or whatever.

Many Existing Resources

Resources will obviously be shaped by the people who use them. Each Household of Faith meeting will include liturgy, teaching, a message and discussion. There are many existing resources which can be used depending upon the needs of the particular group. The form of worship honors those who either enjoy a Prayer Book type of service or a more free form service for example meditative or charismatic. Other special liturgies for Lent or Advent may be used. The worship space in a home can be adapted where appropriate with a simple lighted candle in a circle of leaves or an open Bible or for others a small cross.

"House Faith Type"
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