Faith House Experience
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Faith House Experience
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Independent Home-based Groups

Each Faith House experience will be time-limited. Each household will agree to a two-year program. Participants will contract to begin new House of Faith at the end of this period. The development group is determined to ensure that the covenanting form and process is carefully thought out and documented.

Accountability and Connectedness

The group is also thinking through issues of accountability and the ways in which a House of Faith will be connected to the institutional church. The Area Bishop may play a key role in the process and oversight of the process. Clergy may also play a key role in equipping the leaders, both in launching new Houses and in preparation for their eventual "multiplication." As a point of clarification, the House of Faith initiative is different from the "house church movement," in which there is no structure or central organization. Rather, the latter model consists of independent home-based groups that sometimes grow into conventional congregations or often wither away. In contrast, the House of Faith will maintain a firm link to the structure and ministry of a congregation.

"Faith House Experience"
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