House Faith Pastor
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House Faith Pastor
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Provide Mentoring Training

Household PresentationThe House of Faith is formed only with the full knowledge, blessing and with the guidance and support of the worshipping congregation that is "home" to the House. The pastor may therefore be required to provide mentoring, training, and support for the leader of the House. While not needing to attend House worship on a regular basis, the pastor would preside at Communion when and where appropriate. Each House of Faith would consist of a minimum of eight participants and a maximum of twelve. In an ideal configuration the house would consist of a leader, a host, and two other active or "core" parishioners, and from four to eight others, including seekers, inactive or intermittent churchgoers.

Affirm and Maximize Faith

The preparation process would maximize the House's chances for a successful and blessed experience, to affirm faith for committed Christians, newcomers, and lapsed members alike.

"House Faith Pastor"
by Ron Meacock © 2019

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