House Faith Diversity
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House Faith Diversity
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Evangelical Charismatic Catholic

Thatched HouseIn its deliberations, the group considered the demographic trends and the future of the institutional church, in particular the steady numeric decline of those who attended and financially supported it. It was critical to meet the express needs of baby-boomers aged 54-72 in 2018, "millennials" aged 22-37 in 2018 and even the "Snowflakes" or children under ten to have a relational focus as opposed to an institutional one, to offer flexibility in styles of worship, and to attempt to address house of faith diversity in a secular culture in terms that folks are more likely to respond to.

Accommodate Diversity

CathedralThe House of Faith can accommodate diversity of churchmanship whether Evangelical, Charismatic or Catholic. House groups can be constituted in many different ways to satisfy this diversity in so many widely divergent interests and styles. Their precise shape and self-identification is always "contextual." The development group has worked hard to figure out how best to articulate this vision and to develop the appropriate tools to support its implementation. Walking the Board through some of the committee's documentation, Ron described how the house would work within the context of Episcopal and parish structures.

"House Faith Diversity"
by Ron Meacock © 2018

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