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House Faith Group
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Deepen Their Faith

Jesus and Children"The whole program is an evangelistic one. We don't want a house group to become a Bible study group in the old model where they just do the same thing year after year after year with the same few people. The challenge is to bring in new people." By new people, these could be from the fringe group in a church or those who only go to church occasionally. What it seeks to do is to take people to a higher level of spirituality. It seeks to bring the group closer to other Christians. This is a way of getting people committed to one another to the church and therefore deepen their faith as well as that of the house group.

Baby Boomers Meet

Your House of Faith group is the perfect place for Baby Boomers, as well as the Milleniums who wouldn't necessarily go to church, to get together and to talk about their faith and to grow in it. Another benefit of the Household is that it could be used in areas where churches are few and far between."

Article by Susan Mann for "The Anglican." Edited

"House Faith Group"
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