House Faith Time
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House Faith Time
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People Making Covenant

People"Building a covenant is not simply about getting everybody to agree about what the House is going to study. At the heart of a covenant is the willingness to take the time to listen to each other and to hear what each person in the House wants to get from their time together." The Household gathering time could be during the day or evening but would be something that's decided by the people attending.

Know Christ Better

Hand Shake"The Household of Faith model is flexible enough to include all kinds of variations." For example, the teaching material and the study time could vary according to the wishes of the people. Households could include children or teenagers or there could be separate programs for them. The focus of the Household would be on teaching, sharing and worship. "What each group would seek to do is to learn together and grow together as Christians over this two year-term." At the end of the household covenant, which would be two years, two new Households would be formed. It is essential that new Households move on at the end of the covenant period.

"House Faith Time"
by Ron Meacock © 2019

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