Christian House Leader
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Christian House Leader
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Gathering Each Week

Young People LaughingEight to twelve people are needed for a House of Faith. Four of those could be core members of the local church, while the others could be fringe church members. "They would make a covenant to meet together on a weekly basis." Both the host and leader would be appointed by the Christian house leadership, who would meet with them on a regular basis for instruction and to co-ordinate their activities. A respected and competent person would be appointed as the leader, whose main job would be to run the House. The host is one of the people who is willing to open his or her home for a gathering every week. The cleric in the church where the Households are situated would oversee the formation of a Household. Normally clergy would not attend Households once they are formed, except to celebrate a communion service. The clergy's role is to equip the Christian house leader, train new leaders and retain oversight of the Household group. Once a Household is formed, one of its first tasks is to agree on how the meeting time would be spent.

"Christian House Leader"
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