Christian Household Ministry
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Christian Household Ministry
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Twenty First Century

The Household of FaithThere are little groups of Christian people in every place who want more than anything else to keep their faith and their calling as Christians strong. For them the Household of Faith and its relational evangelism can be a support and encouragement and a means of growing Christian household ministry. This ministry program is designed to help a Household of Faith come into being and discover the full potential of its ministry and that of its members. My thanks go to the many Christians over many years who have contributed to its development. My prayer for you as you embark on this exciting new venture is that God will bless you, your local Christian ministry and as a result draw many to our Savior.

The Rev. Capt. Ron Meacock P.Eng., Evangelism Consultant

"Christian Household Ministry"
by Ron Meacock © 2018

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