Contemporary Christian Ministry
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Contemporary Christian Ministry
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Early Church

Jerusalem HouseIn Early Church days, a Christian family gathered quietly in a respected household. They lived and worshiped and employed a ministry different from our type of worship today. For them, Church meant, not a weekly encounter with other Christians for an hour or so on Sunday mornings, but a close knit community who really cared for each other and shared their love of Jesus together. They prayed, worshiped, and supported one another because of their faith in the Messiah, Jesus. This created great difficulties for the secular authorities who were trying to stop them. Today's Christian Church is in some senses in a similar situation to the Early Church. It lives in a secular society which often considers people and things as just tools for creating wealth for themselves. In our twenty first century Christian church, much of our resources go into buildings and maintenance of the institution. Instead of ministry centers for outreach, our church buildings have often become museums and the focus of most of our time, financial resources and energy. Today, we need a contemporary Christian ministry like the Early Church's.✞

"Contemporary Christian Ministry"
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