Capernaum Church House
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Capernaum Church House
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Capernaum Church HouseThe archaeological excavations at Capernaum suggested that the former house of Peter was later transformed into a "domus ecclesiae" or church house and may well be the most ancient evidence of an original house church. Unlike the remains at Dura-Europos, the remains at Capernaum do not allow an unambiguous reconstruction of the original building and its history of structural development according to Ralph P. Martin and Peter H. Davids in the "Dictionary of the Later New Testament and Its Development." The fifth century construction of an octagonal Byzantine church on the same site and the subsequent invasion by the Persians in 614 AD resulted in the end of Byzantine Christian rule and the demolition of Christian worship places. But with renewed interest in Galilee and detailed archaeological field reports, a satisfying reconstruction was made possible.✞

"Capernaum Church House"
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