Byzantine House Renovations
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Byzantine House Renovations
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Christian Community

The Byzantine House Renovations, without altering the exterior, were carried out on a house with eight ground floor rooms, a staircase to the roof, and a central courtyard. They were converted before the middle of the third century AD into a building better suited for group worship and activities. The new room after the renovations, was sixteen by thirty seven feet and could have accommodated perhaps sixty-five to seventy five people. Carolyn Osiek and David L. Balch in "Families in the New Testament World - Households and House Churches" noted, "A built-in baptistery with canopy supported by columns was also added in yet another room." When the Byzantine house renovations were carried out by the Christians, several major changes were introduced according to Ralph P. Martin and Peter H. Davids in the "Dictionary of the Later New Testament and Its Development."

Domus Ecclesiae

"Byzantine House Renovations"
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