House Church Meetings
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House Church Meetings
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Peter's Capernaum Residence

Capernaum Peter's HouseThe "Clementine Recognitions" gives us a sample of house church meetings which must have been common in the early centuries when Clement (c35-c101 AD), who was considered the first Apostolic Father of the Church, arrived at Peter's residence in Capernaum. Having heard through gossip in an inn that a certain Peter was in the town and was going to hold a discussion meeting the next day with one Simon, a Samaritan, Clement asked to be shown to Peter's lodging. He found it, knocked, was welcomed in, and before long was listening to extended instruction from the Apostle.✞

House Church Talk

Lake of GalileeAgain, we find in another part of the same literature an account of how Peter and his company came to a meeting, previously agreed upon. Dr Michael Green in "Evangelism in the Early Church" recounts, "The master of the house welcomed us, and led us to a certain apartment, arranged like a theatre, and beautifully built. There we found considerable crowds waiting for us, who had come during the night" and before long the discussion was in full swing.✞

"House Church Meetings"
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