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Faith Grace Church
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Making Christ Known

Chapel"The Household of Faith" is a timely demonstration of an effective means of "being a faith grace church" in our ever changing world. Communities of the faith are something the world longs to see authenticated. A faith that grips us, loves us, envelopes, challenges and remakes us - a grace that says 'yes, you belong here, you are welcome and needed here.' It is a community that is prepared to be surprised by God, being 'living proof' that God is still building the church, that Jesus truly is alive as friend, Savior and Lord.

Dynamic Community People

Christian PeopleI am thrilled with the potential of Households of Faith and am eager to see and hear how God will make full use of this tool in enriching and enlarging the church. May our prayer be simple and sincere, believing this may prove to be a noble instrument for building the kingdom, sharing in the dynamic ministry of making Christ known.

Bruce Smith, Threshold ministries.✞

"Faith Grace Church"
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