Christian Parent's Faith
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Christian Parent's Faith
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Example Children

pond lifeThe New Testament has little to say about a Christian parent's faith and the teaching and training of a child, but it is clear that children can partake in the kingdom of heaven, that their attitude of trusting obedience is in fact a model for adults to follow if they are to gain eternal life. The parent's faith is to be passed on to their children and is paramount. It is through this faith, witness and example that children are brought into and nourished within the fellowship.✞

Children Wave off Paul

Dr Michael Green notes in "Evangelism in the Early Church" that at Tyre we find a delightful glimpse of children and wives appearing to wave Paul and his company goodbye. Together they all knelt down on the beach and prayed, and then bade each other farewell.✞

Better Christian Parents

How important is it that Christian parents introduce their faith to their children from the very earliest age?
How can we become better Christian parents to our children?

"Christian Parent Faith"
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