Christian Household Children
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Christian Household Children
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Justin Martyr

Christian ChildrenWe know all too little about Christian household children. But there is at any rate some evidence that Christian homes were making their mark very early upon the children brought up in them. Bishop Polycarp (69-155 AD) was brought up in a Christian home in Smyrna in Turkey. He died a martyr tied up and burned at the stake, then stabbed when the fires failed to take him.

Learn to be a Christian

Two of the Christians martyred with Justin Martyr about 165 AD were Paeon and Euelpistus. Justin, an early Christian writer, was born in 100 AD in Nablus and martyred in 165 AD in Rome, Italy. He was beheaded with some of his six companions. Dr Michael Green in "Evangelism in the Early Church" reminds us that Justin, replying to the prefect's enquiry as to where he learnt his Christianity, replied, "From our parents we received this good confession." And Euelpistus answered, "I willingly heard the words of Justin. But from my parents too I learned to be a Christian."

"Christian Household Children"
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