Christian House Slave
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Christian House Slave
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Individual Beliefs

VillageLydia's whole household no doubt included many a Christian house slave together with some freedmen. She was herself without a spouse and children, as she seems to have been unmarried, but they were all baptized together. So also was the whole household of the Philippian jailer when he professed faith. It was the natural thing to do in those times when household unity was hugely important. The Early Church's stress on believers as members of the household of faith did not obscure the significance of individual beliefs. The particular character of the household code in 1 Peter for example is partly the result of the fact that certain Christian Household slaves, both men and women, contrary to their household heads, had believed in Christ and were thus religiously different from their household head.

Household Relationships

Discuss the relationship between the household head and Christian household slaves.What role did the wife and visiting friends in a New Testament Household of Faith have with regards to loyalty, obedience, protection, love, equality etc. Are there any modern day equivalents to this heavy patriarchal leadership model? What about millionaires, royalty, movie stars or top politicians?

"Christian House Slave"
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