Household Family Faith
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Household Family Faith
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Peter Teaches Cornelius

Peter teaches CorneliusRoman households were united in either a common religious cult or later in the Christian household faith irrespective of age or personal beliefs. The household proved the crucial medium for evangelism within natural groupings, whatever member of the family was first won to the faith. It was preferable, of course, if the father was converted first, for then he would bring over the whole family with him. Dr Michael Green writes in "Evangelism in the Early Church" that this is what happened in the case of Cornelius, when he contemplated a change of belief. He gathered together his blood relatives, his slaves and his friends, and together they heard the preaching of Peter and decided on the Christian Way.✞

Cornelius's Household

When Cornelius professed faith, his whole family was baptized with him. When Peter entered the house and it was a large one, "he found many persons gathered." The action of the head of the family committed the rest of his dependent group. The same happened in the case of Lydia, a textile saleswoman from Thyatira operating for a time in Philippi but having other homes in Corinth and Rome where Saint Paul later visited and stayed.

"Household Family Faith"
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