Christian Household Loyalty
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Christian Household Loyalty
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Slaves Serving Master

Country CottagesChristian Household loyalty and particularly loyalty to the head was paramount in the Household of Faith. The head would act on the family's behalf in terms of financial protection, provision of food, and if necessary legal intervention. A further group often considered with the household were the trusted friends to whom intimacy was granted and from whom loyalty, support, and devotion was expected.✞

Herod`s Household

Group of Saints IconManaen who was a teacher in the first century Christian Church at Antioch was brought up with Herod Antipas and enjoyed a position of trust within the household of Herod the Tetrarch, (BC 20-39 AD) meaning "ruler of a quarter" who was also known as Herod Antipas. Herod ruled Galilee and Perea occupying the eastern side of the Jordan River Valley in the 1st century AD. This is the same Herod who divorced his wife and married his half brother's wife, Herodias, and asked for the head of John the Baptist in prison as a reward for her daughter's fancy dancing! Anyway, Manaen subsequently became a Christian.✞

Not Caesar's Friend

There was also a relationship with Tiberius who was the Roman Emperor (BC 42-37 AD) between 14-37 AD enjoyed by Pontius Pilate, who served as fifth prefect of the Roman province of Judea from 26-36 AD. This relationship could be destroyed if malicious reports reached the Emperor suggesting that Pilate showed favor to an Imperial pretender. Dr Michael Green reminds us in "Evangelism in the Early Church" that Pontius Pilate would say to the crowd at the trial of Jesus, "If you release this man you are not Caesar's friend."

Obedience Love and Equality

Slaves serving masterThe relationship between the household head and a slave, the wife and visiting friends in a New Testament Household of Faith hinged on loyalty, obedience, protection, love and equality. There are modern day equivalents to this heavy patriarchal leadership model.

"Christian Household Loyalty"
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