Pompeii Greek Houses
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Pompeii Greek Houses
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Luxurious Living Conditions

Pompeii Greek House VictimThe early Pompeii Greek houses buried in "the eruption of Vesuvius in 79 AD" gave access from the street through a narrow opening, with stables on one side and a porter's room on the other. The central corridor accessed a colonnaded garden, around which were arranged dining rooms, guest rooms, and a space for the male heads of the houses to receive guests and conduct business affairs.

Garden Complex

Pompeii HouseCarolyn Osiek and David L. Balch in "Families in the New Testament World - Households and House Churches" describe the inside layout and luxurious living conditions of the larger Pompeii houses. "Beyond this grouping of rooms, through a passageway, and another garden were another complex of rooms consisting of the women's rooms, slave quarters, and rooms for domestic activities, called collectively the women's quarters."

"Pompeii Greek Houses"
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