Open Door Households
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Open Door Households
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Baptized Together

Thyatira RuinsSeveral of these open door households, like the one in Jerusalem, were in the homes of women, probably widows. In some cases, both husband and wife are named. Where other names are added, they probably represent grown-up members of the family. In one household only men are mentioned according to John Foster in "The First Advance - Church History 1: AD 29-500." Detailed information is not available in other cases, but the fact that the first converts in certain places were wealthy or prominent persons who were baptized together with their households is significant for the way the movement spread. At Philippi, it began with a pro-Jewish woman who was the business agent for the luxury textile industry based in Thyatira in Asia Minor in Acts 16.15.✞

Baptism of the Household

The baptism of this household was followed by that of the city's jailor in Acts 16.33. The first baptism at Corinth was of the household of Stephanas, who earned a reputation in 1 Corinthians 10.16 and 16.2 as a benefactor of the Christians, but the accession that attracted most attention at the time was that of the household of the chief ruler of the synagogue in Acts 18.8. The New Testament household exhibited a remarkable "open door policy." Does your Christian community hold to and practice the same beliefs?✞

"Open Door Households"
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