Priscilla Aquila Households
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Priscilla Aquila Households
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Convince Jews

Academy of AthensWhen Paul met Aquila and Priscilla, he appears to have been somewhat depressed after his comparative lack of success in Athens. Dr. Michael Green explains, "Companionship in their household revived him. He began to argue in the synagogue weekly and convince both Jews and Greeks about the truth of Jesus."

Jesus the Messiah

Moreover, we read that he became gripped by the Word while he was staying at Priscilla and Aquila's home. Is this an indication of the daily family study of the Scriptures in which they engaged? Though much is guesswork as we try to look at the lives of these folk, it is clear enough that they had a warmth of faith in Jesus Christ and love for him that led them to sacrifice privacy, security, finance, and even personal safety (on one occasion they risked their lives for Paul) in order to spread the Gospel. Homes like Priscilla and Aquila's must have been exceedingly effective in the evangelistic outreach of the Church.✞

"Priscilla Aquila Households"
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